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Thank you, Madam Chair. I rise to speak on the Chinese Lunar New Year which is coming to an end and the Korean Association—their official opening of the Community Hall also on the weekend.

Friday evening was the Queensland Federation of Taiwanese Association—that was their big Chinese Lunar New Year followed by Saturday evening the Chinese and Vietnamese Lions—they had their dinner event.

I was supposed to actually have my Movies in the Park that night but because of the rain it was postponed, so Councillor ADAMS very kindly gave my apologies.

Sunday night was the Malaysian Business Council—had their Chinese Lunar New Year dinner and then Monday night was the Australian Cantonese Association Lunar New Year dinner as well.  so after Councillor HOWARD has the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration in Chinatown Mall, Sunnybank is the place to be. It's where it's all happening.

Now the other place—the other thing that's supposed to have happened on Saturday night that didn't because of the rain was Sunnybank Plaza were having their Luna New Year rooftop party. So it's still listed in the book obviously because this book's printed some time ago. That's actually been postponed to this Saturday night now. So if you do feel like you want to get out to Sunnybank and enjoy some of the parties that goes on there with Lunar New Year it's all still happening this Saturday night.

The other thing that I mentioned on the weekend was the Korean Association—thank you to LORD MAYOR Graham Quirk and of course Councillor BOURKE in Lifestyles. They managed to sign a lease with the Korean Association and they opened their Community Hall on the Sunday morning—Saturday morning; can't remember now—sometime on the weekend—yes, Saturday.

That was also in association with their New Year's lunch that they did down at Svoboda Park as well which was attended by unfortunately not as many people because of the rain, but they did have this massive thing called a bibimbap—I don't know quite if that's how you pronounce it, but anyway it's this huge massive bowl that's filled with lots and lots of rice. I don't know how many tonnes of rice and all sorts of vegetables and everything, and then as part of it us representatives had to get in and try and stir it and mix it all up. We had these ginormous big spoons that they gave us to use so that was quite hard work, but it was fun anyway.

Then I just want to say congratulations to the Korean Association. They did work extremely hard from when they first signed the lease to actually getting into the building. They had six weeks where they did some massive renovations. I rang Councillor BOURKE on the morning when I'd walked into the building, which is only the second time I'd been in that building—the first time was before they did the renovations—and I said it was a job well done. They did a really, really good job. I was very, very happy and they are very happy.

They had consulates from not only the Gold Coast but Sydney as well. So of course now the Korean Society of Gold Coast is very keen to get a place of their own, so I've mentioned they perhaps should speak to Mayor Tom Tate because he might have a spare building or two after the Commonwealth Games is finished.

But I just want to say congratulations again to Councillor BOURKE and your team. It was a fabulous, fabulous outcome and the Koreans are extremely happy. Thank you.

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