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Councillor MARX: Yes, thank you, Madam Chair.
I rise to speak about one of the events that's happening in my ward presently and that is, as the LORD MAYOR mentioned earlier this evening, as the month of Ramadan. Therefore it's led to many Iftar dinners that not only myself have attended but, as you will know, the LORD MAYOR when he held his annual one at SunPAC the other night, yourself, Madam Chair, attended, Councillor HUANG, Councillor RICHARDS, Councillor CUMMING and Councillor SRI all made the journey over to SunPAC and I thank you on behalf of the LORD MAYOR for making the effort to come and spend the evening with us.

It's always an interesting evening doing Iftar dinners. Timing is very important obviously. You've got to make sure that a call to prayer happens at the correct time so that the breaking of the fast can happen. Obviously they haven't eaten anything since sunrise in the morning but we did talk about a number of other countries where they actually, like Finland and all that, they actually experience sort of 18 to 19 hours of daylight during the day so their fasting is a lot longer. So 5-10 breaking of fast is actually quite good at the moment for us around Brisbane.

Another Iftar dinner I went to was the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association had one the other night and that was on a slightly different note where what they had was different representatives of different faiths. So we had Surendra Prasad for the Hindu faith, we had the Jewish faith, we had president From the Christian faith, otherwise known as the Mormons, Gurjeet Singh from the Sikh community and then the Imam Amjaneed from the Islamic faith.

They were all talking about fasting and their religion. I have to say I was very impressed. I wasn't aware that there was any other religion in the world other than Muslims that fasted. That's not the case. They actually all fast at some point or other. In Judaism, they actually have five dawn to dusk fast spread out throughout the year. The Mormon community have one Sunday every month where they fast and the money that they would traditionally have spent on that meal is then sent to charity and then, of course, as we all know the Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan every year.

So I did make particular mention to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association that I would be getting up in Chambers and speaking about their event tonight just to let people know that it's not just the Muslims who fast. I think it's something that we all could learn education from and so I was more than happy to do that. Unfortunately most of us are missing the Parliament House Iftar dinner tonight because for whatever reason they're holding it on a Tuesday evening which they don't normally so unfortunately none of the Councillors can attend.

I've attended seven every year and I think Councillor OWEN, the Chair, attended a few in your time as well. So unfortunately we're missing that one but there is another one there on Thursday night with the Commonwealth Bank having an Iftar dinner and then there's the traditional VIP at home Iftar so I think all up that's probably about six or seven for the month for me, which is not too bad. Unfortunately I don't fast during the day as well but anyway. So that's all, thank you.

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