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Thank you, Mister Deputy Chairman. I rise to speak on the ALGA conference that I was able to attend back in June of this year when we were in the budget session. And as everyone knows, it's a requirement of that commitment that we get up and speak on Chambers just a little bit about what happened at the convention. As always, there was a lot of motions that were debated, passed, opposed and discussed and, you know, it's all on their website for the particular ones that anyone is of particular interest on what sort of motions that were discussed. There was a lot of guest speakers.

One of the ones that I particularly was very keen to listen to was a lady by the name of Libby Chaplin. She's the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative, and she works—splits her time between CEO of that and CEO of Arcadian Solutions, which is a small consultancy focused on operationalising sustainability in government and industry.

It's a new idea about disposing or recycling of batteries and it's something that I'm very keen to talk to Councillor HOWARD about in her role as Field Services and particularly with the recycling scenario, to see that that's something that we can get activated certainly here in Brisbane City Council. And, of course, Brisbane City Council being the largest council in Queensland, by sheer volume of numbers, we always go into the mobile muster awards and, of course, we always win it. So I was able to pick up that award as well on behalf of Brisbane City Council and the LORD MAYOR, so I'm happy to present that here to join with our other awards that we always receive.

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