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Yes, thank you, Mister Deputy Chairman. I rise to speak on item B, the park naming.
It is great delight that I was able to bring this petition to Chambers. Despite what's been alleged here on a number of occasion here in the Chambers today that the people in the Administration on this side of the Chambers don't listen to residents or take any notice of what they have to say, I'm here to dispute that by acknowledging that I sent out 65 letters to local residents around the area of Peppercorn and Tranquil Street, around that park.

It was a two-pronged approach; the first was about what they wanted as far as the upgrade of that park was concerned, and the second part was about a naming of the park that was there. I personally feel that once a park has been completed and upgraded it should have its own name. As those in this Chamber should know, parks are generically by default named after the street that they are located in. Sometimes that works and is satisfactory; sometimes it doesn't and it's always good to make sure that we get a naming that's suitable.
I might add that one of the consultations—even though, like I said, I sent out 65 letters. We got 11 responses. One of the responses was to cut down some of the trees, but you'll be glad to know that that response was not taken under advisement. We decided we'd ignore that particular response.

So after that we then—from those 65 letters sent out 11 people responded. Nine names were actually suggested and of those nine we narrowed them down to three main suggestions. I then sent out another lot of letters to those same 65 residents with those three main suggestions and we narrowed it down—22 responses and 20 came up with the name of Tranquil Park. So that's where the petition came from and I'm very pleased to support that here in the Chambers today. Thank you.

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