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Yes, thank you, Madam Chair, and I rise to speak on the Committee presentation Revive. I was not able to attend last year, and I saw the photos that the Chair at the time, Councillor MATIC, and his wife had posted, and I was determined I wasn’t going to miss out again this year. So I made a point of making sure my diary was clear for at least an hour or two Friday afternoon, and I shot over there to have a look.
There were so many stalls and so many clothes, it was just amazing. I was blown away, not only by the stalls and the amount, but also the quality of what was on offer. In fact, the dress I’m wearing today is a show and tell that I bought at Revive on Friday. I am pleased to say it’s a Veronika Maine, if those in the know know what a Veronika Maine is; it’s very expensive. I got it for the grand total of $25, so I was extremely pleased with that. It was a great bargain.
I’m actually not going to tell you in the Chambers here, even though my husband doesn’t listen to Hansard nor read it. I don’t plan to tell you all how much I purchased and how many items and how much I spent, just in case anyone wants to use it against me. But, you know, as always, as women will know, when we walk into the house or we put something else on that he hasn’t potentially seen, we go, what, this old thing? So, I’ll be able to say that and not be lying, because it will be old. So I’m very happy about that.
There was a couple of other things I purchased. I don’t know if people are aware of Pandora, but they do a Christmas tree decoration every year, and I was able to pick up the 2011 decoration for a grand total of $18. I was very pleased about it. Like Councillor HOWARD, I also purchased another handbag, a little gold evening one.
I finally, finally—very remiss of me—got to see War on Waste on the ABC iView—actually it was a weekend. I had a half booked day off on the weekend, and I actually sat down with my husband to watch it. He was just as blown away as I was about the waste that we have, and in particular the clothing. They had a clothes line there on show at the Revive which showed a number of items pegged there, with a little note saying why they had been basically thrown away, and it was as simple as, you know a button missing or something like that. So that was another great initiative. So yes, I plan to be there again next year.
On the final note, I just want to mention I visited the Suited to Success stall, and can I give a shout out to them. They’ve got a bubbles and beauties evening on Wednesday 12 September right here in City Hall. There is a general admission and a VIP package as well, and all the funds on the night go to helping unemployed clients. So basically they help dress people who need clothing to be able to go for an interview and then, if they get a job, from that point on. So if anyone is interested in that, I do have one flyer that I am prepared to hand and show everybody and share that.
I just want to say again what a wonderful event this was, and if you didn’t go this year, you have to make sure you go next year, because there is men’s clothes as well. So thank you to everyone involved.

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