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Yes, thank you, Madam Chair; I rise to speak on item A, which is the traffic improvements that this Council did outside Runcorn State School. Runcorn State School is a primary school. It doesn’t have a huge amount of students in the scheme of things. It’s sort of between 300 and 400 students, but it is on a major intersection, major road, on Beenleigh Road and Mains Road. Those of you who are familiar with the south side will know that those are both extremely busy roads. This school sits right on the corner of that. The other corner it has is Ardargie Street and Lampson Street, which also have its own challenges.
Some may remember some time ago myself putting in a petition for residents from Lampson Street wanting some restricted parking around there because they are close to a train station. They’ve also got the school, so there’s a lot going on in that space, so it’s great that the State Government have changed the rules to include dual carriageways to allow to have this treatment added to it.
We’re still continuing to work with the school. They’ve done their TMP with bits and pieces of other stuff around that school to try and deal with the school situation. Those who know me will know that I’m very passionate about schools, given my background, but I’m also very keen to make everyone aware where the responsibilities lie as far as State Government schools are concerned and where Council is in that space.
Hopefully a lot of Councillors in this place will know that when somebody suggests something to happen, suddenly we get a whole lot of residents that become traffic engineers and they know exactly what will and won’t work. A number of people came to me and were concerned that, you know, whose silly idea was this was the words that were used for me, and I said: well, look, let’s just wait and see, shall we?
I have to say I travel that way obviously to and from work, and while I understand Councillor SRI wanting some hours extended potentially for Brisbane High, I know particularly with the primary schools and you stick that hour to start at 7 o’clock in the morning and there’s no students to be seen, it can be a bit frustrating for the drivers, and again at 4 o’clock.
I’ve got one of these schools outside my ward office, a high school, and of course the kids meander along like Brown’s cows across the road, not on the pedestrian crossing like they should, but even then they’re pretty much all gone by 3.30. But we still have that extra half hour. So there’s a little bit of give and take as far as time zones go and things like that. But basically it’s Council trying to work with the best we can with the laws and the regulations that we need to work with.
I’m very pleased that this is a project that has gone ahead, and I know that the school and particularly the principal is very pleased, and I’m looking forward to finalising the work around that particular school as far as their TMP and other stuff with the petition in Lampson Street et cetera is concerned. So I thank Council officers and Councillor COOPER.

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