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Councillor MARX: Thank you, Madam Chair. I rise to speak very briefly on item D. Funnily enough, it's a petition. I did support the Council officers' recommendation in this instance and rightly so. The petition called for the installation of traffic calming devices, commonly known as LATMs. What wasn't well-known by those that are in the committee, but obviously well-known by the Council officers, that LATMs already exist in the street, so it's not really beneficial for anybody for putting further LATMs into a street that already have them. In particular, these residents have had a couple of suggestions.

They wanted the LATMs higher, which is never popular either, and another suggestion that they had for myself and Council officers was apparently in England you have little villages that you can drive through and residents who live at either end of the street have access to this little special button that if they decide they just want to close the street off, they just push a button and these bollards pop up and people can't drive through any more and they thought that was a fabulous suggestion for their street.

So as you can imagine, I was more than happy to support the officers' recommendation that that was not something that we would do at Brisbane City Council. Thank you.

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