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Councillor MARX: Thank you, Mad m Chairman, I just rise to speak very briefly on two topics that have been mentioned here tonight, that's the Librarians with the Gold Star Reading program and some rugby. So just wanted to mention in particular a big shout out to Kylie and her team out there at Sunnybank Hills Library.

They all got dressed up on the Thursday and the Saturday when we had the two Gold Star Reading programs. There were 1,090 students were registered in my library over those two days which is 10% of the whole city. So it's a huge effort by the library and their staff.

Obviously, not all of those children turned up on those two days to get their certificate and medal but there was enough that we have three huge cakes so that's really good. I always enjoy cutting the cake for all the students and that to eat and they always love lining up and eating the cake as well.

So the other thing was I was going to talk quickly about the Bledisloe Cup. Councillor TOOMEY mentioned some football game that was played some time recently. Yes, Bledisloe Cup was also played recently. I'm hearing—I was reading a story which I've just lost on my phone, it was talking about 14th year in a row apparently that the Kiwis have won this cup and—
Councillor TOOMEY: Point of order, Madam Chairman.
Chairman: Point of order, Councillor TOOMEY.
Councillor TOOMEY: I don't see the relevance of bringing up how the All Blacks seem to be consistently whopping the Wallabies in Chambers.
Chairman: That's not an appropriate point of order during general business.

Councillor MARX: It did mention in the same article, Madam Chairman, that the Australians do have the opportunity to win the Bledisloe Cup. It's just going to take a lot of hard work and determination and potentially they will win it back again in maybe 15 years' time was the quote.

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