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Councillor MARX: Yes, thank you, Mr Chair. I rise to speak on item B and C which are the same thing, Petition 1 and Petition 2. They’re both petitions against a development application for 1 Trudgian Street, Sunnybank. The first petition was done by a local resident who actually lives next to the property and had 22 signatures. The second petition was brought forward by the Our Lady of Lords P and F which had 193 signatures. Now before the DA was actually officially lodged as always there were rumours swirling around the community once this fairly large block of land was sold, about what was going to happen on the site.

I had a number of phone calls from local residents about what was going on in that space. At that point no DA had been lodged so there wasn’t anything we could do at that point in time. But people wrote their submissions anyway. So then the DA was actually officially lodged on 6 August 2018. At that point is when—because it was impact assessable and with all impact assessable DAs I write to all my local residents letting them know about this DA being lodged. I sent a letter out to all my residents on 22 November telling them that the public notification was now open and was being carried out between 28 November and 18 December.

Now the reasons I specify these dates specifically into Hansard is for one very upsetting reason. It’s because I was accused of being arrogant and out of touch with my community because I dared to take three days out of my leave from work to fly to New Zealand to see my sick father. So I think to be accused of being arrogant and out of touch and then those words to be repeated by another Councillor in this place, was extremely upsetting. I was back in Brisbane on 21 December. So I didn’t even get to spend Christmas with my father. My staff were there at the office. So the office was open and was more than capable of taking the submissions.

The person however chose not to do the right thing and decided to go the other way and go onto social media and make those accusations. I want to also make the point on my letter that it went out to the residents on 22 November that—telling them specifically when the submissions were. I wrote, if you have previously sent an objection you must resubmit it now, during this time frame, to make it a valid objection. Because people do not understand unless they get it in the specific time frame it doesn’t count. I needed to make sure that everybody’s voices counted and were heard.

The DA was assessed against the requirements of City Plan and in accordance with the Act. After taking all matters into consideration including concerns raised by the petitions and other submissions, of course one of which was my own, the Council’s delegate refused the application on 11 July 2019. I’m pleased to say I was able to write to the residents and tell them about that decision. In fact I actually hand letterboxed dropped that decision to those residents in that street.

On that note I’m also writing to my residents regarding the amendments to the City Plan that their LORD MAYOR has got underway at the moment telling them that submissions close on Monday 26 August, which will restrict townhouse development from single home area which would be this exact scenario. So again I’m writing to my residents in those local areas making sure they do put in a submission to let the minister know that that’s their feeling. I encourage everybody else to do so. Thank you.




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