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Councillor MARX: Yes. Yes. Thank you, Mr Chair. I just rise to speak on item A, the Committee presentation, which was about the use of a resin based concrete in the field. This was to do with footpaths. As we know traditionally, when we have a problem with a footpath, it needs to be repaired; Council officers will need to go out there, fence it off, so it becomes unusable to residents.

They then have to rip up the old concrete and then they have to traditionally—depending on the size, they put in reinforcing and then they have to lay the concrete and then they have to wait for it to set and then they come back a week or so or two weeks later and remove all that piece of infrastructure around, so the footpath is then usable for residents to walk on. With this new resin-based concrete that the officers are trialling, most of that procedure is now not necessary.

They are able to go out there, just grind the footpath down to the suitable level, fill it with the resin and then it’s pretty much able to be walked on within minutes of being finished. In fact, that was demonstrated by the use of a video as part of the presentation, which show the truck backing over a piece of concrete that had actually not long been fixed up with this resin base. So it was quite timely. It wasn’t a planned demonstration. But it happened nevertheless and I think it was very timely to show us just how great this product is. The other product that they talked about was the fibre.

So I don’t know if anyone’s ever done concreting. I’ve actually had the misfortune of having to do some concreting with my husband over the years. It’s not a nice job. It’s pretty hard yakka, especially in the sun, because the concrete is going off faster than you can work. But basically the reo goes down and you have—as the concrete’s being poured, you have a hook that you have to lift the reo up to a certain depth within the concrete and this fibre now that you don’t need to use that reo bar. It’s a great innovation and my hats off to the officers for all the work that they do in this field. Thank you.

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