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Councillor MARX: Yes, thank you, Mr Chair. I rise to speak briefly on the ALGA conference that I had the privilege of attending back in June—16, 17, 18, 19 June this year. As always, the ALGA Convention is attended by many Councillors from across Australia—their needs are wide and varied.

There were many different stallholders this time. In fact, there was 74 booths including to name a few, the Green Frog Systems. They deal with the solar lighting and I was able to collect some information and give that to Councillor COOPER in her role as Infrastructure.

They had some stuff on recycling tyre program initiatives and I was able to give that to Councillor HOWARD in her role as Field Services and there was other bits and pieces of different information that I was able to give out to all the relevant Chairs. There was a couple of other interesting ones that I want to talk to briefly about today.

One was old friends of mine that I haven’t seen for a long, long time that I dealt with way back in the days when I was with the P&C which was called QCPCA back in the day with Charles and Tracy Alder. I think they’re residents of Calamvale

who created the Buy A Bale or Rural Aid program and I’ve encouraged them to perhaps come along and speak in Chambers about what they’re doing in that space.
They’ve got a couple of things also about Spare a Musical Instrument—talking about a gift of music that you can potentially get involved in so hopefully they’ll take that offer up and come along and address the Chamber on that good work that they’ve been doing. It’s amazing the different paths that people take.

Also, there was the Planet Ark was there—Australasian Recycling Label Initiative. I did bring back some brochures for everybody I thought that might be interested in. This is about a recycling label that goes on all the products and it lists here some of the programs that have participated in this. How it works is it actually physical shows you what part of the packaging or component that you can do with.

So there’s bits there that maybe the lid of say of a coffee actually goes into the bin and then there’s bits that might talk about the wrap and what that symbol is that you return that to the store. As you know we have the soft plastic wrap which I now have bags of in the bottom of my pantry and then you have the other recycling symbol which means it can go into your recycling box and stuff like that. So I thought that was really interesting.
There’s not—there’s a few here, companies, Coles, Arnott’s and Blackmores. Some companies I’ve never heard of but I think it would be incumbent on us to perhaps get more and more companies involved in that recycling label. I know that’s something that I certainly hesitate when I stand here in front of a rubbish bin and a recycling bin which bit goes where.
They actually also had this pretty cool coffee recycling little station where you can tip your liquid and then you’ve got the bits where the cups could go into and then the other bit where the lids could go to because as we know, not all parts of a coffee cup are able to be recycled.

The other thing that was relevant at the time, it was the World Continence Week on 17 to 23 June and they were talking to me about bins for blokes. So apparently this is something that needs more and more support through local Councillors. We have websites which show you where the local public toilet map are but they’re encouraging us to look at putting bins for blokes who suffer incontinence as well and updating our public mapping system with that too.
So I’m not sure, who looks after incontinence for men in our area? I’ll have to find the Chair, the relevant Chair to give that to—deals with—Lifestyles maybe with Chairs, yes. Anyway, we’ll find that out because it’s something we certainly need to look at because you know it’s obviously—you know it’s always been a female oriented area that’s of concern but apparently males or as this article says men leak too. So I think we need to take that seriously and deal with the men and help the men in our community in whatever we can as well.

There was, like I said, there’s many varying speakers and stuff. There’s two other Councillors that went along with me and they all speak on different aspects of the convention but as always, I want to say thank you to the LORD MAYOR who entrusted me to go along as a delegate for Brisbane City Council to these conventions every year and bring back all sorts of information that we can spread and potentially bring into our community for the better of our residents too. Thank you


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