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Councillor MARX: Yes, thank you, Mr Chair. I rise to speak on Program 4, Future Brisbane. It’s got a couple of project areas to that program that I’m particularly interested and excited about. City of Lights is one of them.

I do want to mention that there’s quite a few shopping centres out my way particularly in that Sunnybank precinct that have actually gone ahead and done the fairy lights as we call them or bud lighting, whatever you want to call them, in the trees along that particular intersection. It looks very good and it’s very impressive and I’m very happy that the shopping centres have gone ahead and done that. I look forward to seeing what Market Square do once they’ve finished developing their site.

We did have the unfortunate issue though of a particular shopping centre who put some light bulbs in the trees. They weren’t by any stretch of the imagination bud lights. They were probably the size of soccer balls. Unfortunately they chose to put red bulbs in these lights which meant when residents were coming along to the traffic lights they would suddenly see a red light and then they would stop and realise it wasn’t actually the traffic light that was red, it was the actual light in the tree.

We negotiated with the owners of the shopping centre and they’ve changed the colour of those light bulbs which has made a much better outcome for everybody concerned.

Village Precinct project, I know that Station Road at Sunnybank has been mentioned as a location for one of these projects to occur. My understanding from this is that a variety of things can happen in a Village Precinct project from sidewalk resurfacing, accessibility ramps, tree planting, garden beds, any number of things, perhaps furniture, chairs, whatever.

This particular precinct where this is destined to happen is actually quite a busy little shopping centre. There’s a number of shops there. There’s the Sunnybank Chemmart Pharmacy, there’s the Sunnybank Vet Clinic which is not long recovered from an unfortunate fire incident, Café S152 and then the Seoul Bistro which is world renown I might add for its chicken. I know that you can go there pretty much any night of the week and you’ll find that there is plenty of customers if not in the restaurant certainly queuing outside the door to get in.

I look forward to working with Councillor BOURKE, the officers and the owners of these shops here at this little precinct to find out what it is that they would like to see to improve their precinct in that area, how we can assist them in making it that much nicer and more attractable to everyone to come along and that much more accessible for everyone. I look forward to working with them and finding out what the outcome will be.

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