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5th October 2013 Council Speech - Palatine Street Lights Featured

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Thank you, Madam Chairman. Well, can I say that during the recent recess, there was many, many, many things that happened in my ward during that time, but I’m only going to touch on two. That’s the Palatine Street lights and the Drewvale bus. The Palatine Street lights finally went in and have been turned on and I need to thank the Lord Mayor for allocating the funding as Councillor Schrinner as the Chairman of Infrastructure for that event to take place.

The lights were delivered ahead of schedule and have been a huge benefit to all the local residents, particularly those who use the child care centre and the swimming school there on that intersection. I’ve had nothing but good words and praise for that work that’s taken place.

I want to congratulate Councillor Schrinner, his team, for all the work and the consultation that did take place. There was consultation between Councillor Schrinner, his team, myself, Joseph Ho, the project manager, local businesses in the area and all the residents that were affected by the potential road works that were happening. In fact over 2000 letters were sent out to all the residents and local businesses so everyone was kept completely in the loop of what was happening.

I do know and as mentioned previously by Councillor Schrinner this is a very old project that's been hanging around for a fair while and there was some discussion originally about an original design costing $15 million. I actually noticed also there in some of the old files there's a letter there from the previous councillor criticising the fact that this administration had placed $15,000 in last year's budget for a design process. I think the fact that the original process was going to cost $15 million and it ended up costing $1.8 million, I don't think you have to be a rocket scientist to work out that that 15,000 was dollars well spent.

There were some issues with this whole project as a reality it went on. One in particular was there was a local resident whose house and driveway were affected by this particular piece of infrastructure. Unfortunately he'd just sold the house so we had to wait for the new homeowner. Some consultation took place and I think, one of the lessons I've learnt as a new councillor is you certainly can't keep everyone happy but we certainly try in this job to do just that. There was a lot of consultation with that one homeowner, which did hold up the project some time, a few weeks in fact.
But in the end the project, once it started, got underway, actually finished on time and actually on budget as well. I think there were a few little dollars left as well so they're going to do some maybe tinkering as well when things settle down. The other thing that came out of this whole project that there were two emails that I received. One came through to Council and it said a one Council internal customer story which I have to admit I didn't know anything about. So I just think the fact that the residents took time out of their day to send in a report to Council and I'm going to read this out so everyone can hear what it was about.

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude for the recent installation of the traffic lights at the intersection of Gowan Road and Palatine Street. The work was finished in a very short period of time and appears to be of a high standard. The approach lanes in both directions on Gowan Road give plenty of space and time to move out of the traffic flow. The installation has made a big difference to us as every morning and afternoon had become a nightmare getting in and out of the estate. It had become quite dangerous when attempting to cross Gowan Road heading south. Now we can safely cross the road every time, great job.

The other email that I received was, further to your letter, I wish to thank and congratulate your team on the significant local achievement. My wife, two adult children and I live in the local area. We're so happy about this work. The intersection and adjoining roads are safer now for all concerned — motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, well done.

I think that's an indicator of how happy everybody in the local area is about the work this project has achieved and I want to once again thank the team. Thank you.


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