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5th October 2013 Council Speech - Stretton State College Awards Featured

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The other thing I wanted to talk about briefly was the Stretton State College Night of Stars Awards Night which I attended last night. This is one of the biggest schools in my ward, upwards of over 2,000 students. They go from Prep to 12. They have some exceptional students. I just have to say that they are incredible. We've got students like Georgia who sings a solo very performance, and she's actually been invited to go and study in the US for her singing skills. We've got Linda, who was offered a place at Harvard. I mean, that just doesn’t happen every day.

We've got Ashleigh who not only plays numerous musical instruments - and I am talking like six or seven instruments - she also collected numerous awards for academic last night as well. We've got Lachlan who won my award, which is the Karawatha Community Cultural Excellence Award. He won that last night. He also won an award in Melbourne last week for his work in film work. He is obviously going to go on to university to do more in that field.

There was the school captains, Bryce and Brooke, who are extremely well talented rounded students. Not only do they get up and speak in front of 1,000 people, which I have to admit I was 40 when I made my first public speech, so I take my hat off to these kids who get up and just do it so well. They play musical instruments; they play sport; and then they collect all these wonderful prizes as well. I just have to say that they are a fabulous school, and they are producing the talent and the kids that we need for the future. I am looking forward to watching them grow up. Thank you

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