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18th March 2014 - Speech in Council - Pedestrian Countdown Timers Featured

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Thank you, Madam Deputy Chair; I rise also to talk on the committee presentation of the rollout of pedestrian countdown timers. Like most of the Councillors here in the Chamber, we have all used the ones in the city and the Central Ward, so we are very well aware of how they work and what a useful and great piece of infrastructure they are.

I am happy to say that I will be getting two countdown timers in my ward in the near future. The first one is going to be located on the corner of Compton and Calam Roads at Sunnybank Hills. Most people who are aware of my ward will know that that is a pedestrian crossing that is used by numerous residents, because it is between two shopping centres. It goes from Sunnybank Hills Shopping town on one side across to Calamvale Central on the other side, so there is a lot of pedestrian traffic going across there. So these are going to be really, really useful at that point, because Compton Road is virtually six lanes at that point. So it is going to be very useful, as Councillor HOWARD mentioned, pedestrians are our vulnerable road users.

the second place for location is going to be on the corner of Compton Road and Roosevelt Drive, Stretton. The average person walking or driving through this particular area would wonder why we would be putting a pedestrian countdown timer at this location. But I think it just reflects how well Councillor  SCHRINNER and his Council officers know the area. They will know that one part of that area, which is Piccadilly Way, has 220 houses, and Roosevelt Drive, that area has well over 700 houses, and a lot of those residents that live in those particular areas would be using that pedestrian crossing at those lights to actually catch the bus into the city.

It is only a little wee bus stop but it is always well used by many, many residents, so once again that is a particular section of Compton Road, six lanes of traffic, very busy, and I think it is an excellent location, and I thank Councillor SCHRINNER and his officers for their work. Thank you.

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