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18th March 2014 - Speech in Council - Clean Up Australia Day Featured

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Thank you, Madam Chair. I make sure I get up at the right time. I want to speak today about Clean Up Australia Day which was a couple of weekends ago. It seems like forever as time marches on. I had three groups out in my ward participating in Clean Up Australia Day. The first one was the Calamvale Lions where they cleaned up not only the little park there that's Alpinia Place Park but more locally known as Calamvale Lions Park. They actually did a lot of the surrounding streets as well. There was a relatively small group of people there but they are very dedicated and there were about four from memory that went out and did that particular area.

There's another group of people that meet every month which is the Brandon Road Bushcare Group. That's a group that's been going for well over 20 years. Once again another very small group of dedicated local residents who meet at the Brandon Road Park every month. Myself and my husband actually join them every month on the Sunday morning and we weed and plant and pick up rubbish as a general thing, but on this particular day we called for a lot of volunteers and that's where the Council actually put one of the skips.

Because the park itself was quite clean they actually spread out and did quite a lot of the surrounding streets, and actually had to walk quite some distance some of them because there wasn't a lot of rubbish around, which is always a good thing. The third and final one was actually myself. I go out on Compton Road every year, that's one of the main roads into Brisbane City Council. It's the main thoroughfare and I'm always very keen to make sure that that always looks spick and span. I actually had a family of three, the Choong family met me there at Condamine Street shops.

They took one side of the road and I took the other. We spent about two hours by the time you slowly walk along Compton Road. It has very large wide verges on both sides which has got the Karawatha Forest on both sides of the road. We picked up a few bags of rubbish there as well. So it's heartening to know that there wasn't a huge amount of rubbish picked up because that means that hopefully the residents are starting to get the idea that rubbish belongs in the bin and not on our streets. But I'd also really like to try to reiterate Clean Up Australia Day. Maybe we should try and do that on a regular basis and not just that one day a year. So on that note I'll say thank you very much.

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