Tuesday, 01 April 2014 10:16

Press Release - Illegal Dumping Acacia Road

Over the past two weeks, Council has removed a large amount of illegally-dumped material from the bushland on the eastern side of Acacia Road.

This illegal dumping occurred over a long period of time in an area which was out of sight and covered by vegetation.

The waste was discovered during weed management works in the area. The site will now be restored to deter further illegal dumping and enhance fire protection.

A wide range of materials are being removed, including general household waste, construction waste and tyres.

This major one-off clean-up required Council to employ four large trucks to work consistently over four days to remove the bulk of the rubbish, with total costs expected to be approximately $20,000.

To date, 70 per cent of the approximately 340 square metres of waste has been removed.

Illegal dumping ‘hotspots’ in the Karawatha Ward include:
• Garfield Road, Karawatha
• Allbut St, Kuraby
• Allingham St,Kuraby
• Compton Rd, Kuraby
• Bradford Pl, Kuraby

In the last six months, there have been 36 complaints received by Council about illegal dumping in the Karawatha Ward. Council investigated these complaints.

These investigations have led to two prosecutions and in both cases, fines were issued in the amount of $1760 each. Each case involving the dumping of more than 200 litres of waste.

Local Councillor Kim Marx (Karawatha Ward) said Council had invested $80,000 to roll out 16 relocatable surveillance cameras across the city at illegal dumping hotspots.

“The cameras are reaping positive results, as we’re catching more people for illegal dumping – last financial year Council issued 91 fines (totalling $157,000), almost double the year before’s total of 47 fines (totalling $68,000).”

Cr Marx said illegal dumping could carry a fine of more than $1700, depending on waste amounts:

•             Waste greater than 200L, but less than 2500L (Individuals) $1760
•             Waste greater than 200L, but less than 2500L (Corporations) $3300
•             Waste greater than 2500L (Individuals) $2200
•             Waste greater than 2500L (Corporations) $7040

“Residents are able to use the Kerbside Collection services in all suburbs across Brisbane, once per year, to help get rid of items that won’t fit in their wheelie-bin and are also offered five free waste and five free green waste vouchers once per year with their rates notice,” Cr Marx said.

“For items not acceptable through the Kerbside Collection service, Council also provides four allocated days per year to drop off hazardous waste for free at Council's transfer stations, including pool chemicals, petrol, paint and gas cylinders.”