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1st April 2014 - Speech in Council - Hellawell Road Project Featured

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Thank you, Madam Acting Chair. I rise to speak on item A, the Committee presentation on Hellawell Road improvements, as the DEPUTY MAYOR mentioned. I want to start by saying that this was an election promise from myself and this Administration and I'm happy to say that that election promise has now been delivered. There was a $1.4 million road improvement project along Hellawell Road which runs through the suburb of Sunnybank Hills.
This is a road that I would consider that you would call a rural condition and it's now been brought up to urban standards. It had previously contained differing widths of road, there was curb and channelling missing, the sides of the road were all gravel, there was problems with pools of water on the side of the road, we had to improve the drainage. There was also a lot of trees needed to be trimmed back from the edge of the road and landscaping and tree planting was also undertaken within this project.

It was a massive project, anything that, I think, costs over $1 million is considered a massive project in anyone's language. But before we actually went ahead and started with any physical work, we did a lot of community consultation and I think that's key to any project that this Administration does. A couple of things did come out of that community consultation and one of them was that people were talking about wanting a pedestrian refuge on Hellawell Road, at the Borella Road intersection which is a road that leads to a very busy primary school.
That consultation and suggestion was taken on board and I'm pleased to say that that was also delivered as part of this project. the other thing that residents wanted was actually traffic lights coming out of the avenue which is only home to about 200 residents, so it really doesn't, at this point in time, meet the criteria for traffic lights. But what we were able to do is, after some consultation, was just put in a dividing line so that the laneway out of the avenue was divided into two lanes, so that people could get into the left hand side, go left, people who wanted to go right just get into the right hand side.
So it's very, very basic piece of infrastructure but the residents were so happy I got a photo from the resident the very next day showing me the cars neatly in their own little lanes and was very happy. So that was a very successful outcome for virtually no money at all. So I think that just goes to prove that community consultation is certainly very important. So the next part of the project is road resurfacing and I've been asking residents for their opinion on that and they're quite happy to get me to find funding for that in the new financial year. So that's something else I'll be making representation to the LORD MAYOR on.
I just want to say thank you to Councillor SCHRINNER and all the Council officers involved with this project. It was a massive undertaking through the middle of my ward and it was very successfully done. Thank you.

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