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27th May 2014 - Speech in Council - Karawatha Family Fun Day Featured

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Thank you, Madam Chairman. I rise to speak to two items, one's the Karawatha Family Fun Day Festival funding and also the sad news of a passing of one of my local residents.

I want to start off with the good news, so thank you to the LORD MAYOR for increasing the Festival funding which allowed me to run the Karawatha Family Fun Day on an annual basis.

It was the coldest and windiest weekend for the last three years, but there was no rain so that was good. It was a good turnout, there was lots of people. People were very happy to attend. Councillor ADAMS came along with the LORD MAYOR. Yes there was a group there, the Southside Community Craft Circle, which I think they go through a number of our different wards, so different councillors here will be very familiar with them.
They asked me if they could come along on the day and I said absolutely and they sold over $200 worth of scarves and hats and mittens, so yes they were very impressed. They're completely charity organisation and stuff like that, so they were very happy with that day.

Yes it was cold but it was a good day and the coffee van was kept extremely busy, so that was good. I look forward to next year's.

On the sad note, one of my local residents passed on Sunday, 25 May at 2:15 in the morning. It's kind of interesting; she was in the Canossa Hospice which is in the Oxley Ward in Councillor BOURKE's ward and I'm pretty sure he might have been there with the local state member just the other—on Sunday or Saturday with the Palliative Care Week that's been going on, so it was kind of ironic that she was there and they were there.
But look Sophie was 30 when she was diagnosed with incurable cancer. She'd gone into hospital to have an emergency appendectomy and the doctor rang her sort of within half an hour of her coming home with the news that she had terminal cancer and there was no cure.

She leaves behind—and the actual day that that happened was actually her son's Luke's sixth birthday as well, so it was pretty tragic.  She was, like I said, young. She's left behind a loving husband, Hamish and her son, Jack who's 11, Luke who's now eight and Amy who is now six, so extremely young children.

I met her for the first time at a fundraiser event that she held for another local family in the Drewvale area who had lost everything to a house fire. So being one of those sort of people, she organised this event in the local park, raised all this money for this family and that's when I met her for the first time and then we met over subsequent months for various other things.

One of the next times I met her and spoke to her when she was awarded the winner for the 2012 Southern Star South-East Advertiser Business Achievers Award for her home business, Sophisticated Hair and Beauty. She didn't mention that that was one of her bucket list items if you like, and she was so pleased to be able to be awarded that, but obviously not long after that, the diagnosis came through and basically her life started to fall apart.

She did create a blog which is entitled, What I Did For My Kids When I Found Out I Was Dying and it's very sad. She also had a Facebook page with over 6000 followers. Her funeral's on Thursday. I know it's going to be a massive event, I know she's going to be sorely missed by many people, both family, friends and strangers. She was one of those sort of people that touched everyone's lives. She was just such a beautiful, beautiful person.  So, look, I just want to say on behalf of the residents of Drewvale, her family and her friends, may she rest in peace. Thank you.


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