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17th June 2014 - Speech in Council - Wildlife Signs Featured

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Councillor MARX: 

Thank you, Madam Acting Chair. I also rise to speak on Item C the installation for do not feed the wildlife signs at Einbunpin Lagoon. It would appear from reading the report that signs did exist previously asking people not to feed the wildlife. Unfortunately the feeding continued. The report also states that BCC has now replaced those existing signs with new do not feed the wildlife educational signs to make clear the importance of not feeding the wildlife.

It is clear from research that throwing bread amongst other things into the waterway not only leads to poor health of the wildlife but it also means and increase in waste matter entering our waterways. One of the Council officers Rachel, I was talking to her about it and she said some of the places she's been to have quite literally, these waterways are literally carpeted with bread. The other thing she mentioned also was obviously to do with the water quality that over nutrients lead to algae blooms from having the bread thrown in there daily.

The reason I'm entering this debate is that I too have a similar issue to this in my ward. I've had residents send me photos of turtles that have been overfeeding on the bread and then their stomachs start to expand and then it's not a good end for the turtle. So I just wanted to bring it to the attention of all the councillors here in the chamber that a as result of this issue I did write to Councillor SIMMONDS who as part of his portfolio is looking after the Living in Brisbane brochure that gets sent out to every single resident in the Brisbane City Council.

 He has agreed that education to the residents on this to Brisbane as a whole would benefit all of our residents, all of our wildlife and will be published in the near future. So I just wanted to make sure that all the councillors on this side and the other side of the chamber will be happy to see that that education program will be published in the Living in Brisbane magazine. I know that when that comes out in the near future that we will be all handing that out as part of our e-news and to our ward communities because education is certainly the key to this issue. Thank you.

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