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12th August 2014 - Speech in Council - Direction Signs for Buses Featured

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I just wanted to rise and speak very briefly on this presentation as Councillor MATIC said the white on black destination signs for our buses. There was a trial of one bus going throughout the city and various destinations where they did the changing of the colouring of the lights. We had a slide presentation on that and I have to admit without my glasses I could read the white on black but without them I couldn't read the other yellow amber ones as they are currently. So even if you're not visibility disabled but just getting old and need glasses you will be able to read the new white on black which is a good thing.

As people will know the buses now use the LED lighting which has significant benefits with being energy efficient lifeline span, faster switching, safety and environmentally friendly, all of which go with our clean green City of Brisbane. As I said they've only got the one bus at the moment but they will be rolling out. So as the new buses come off the assembly line from November this year they will all have this new technology. I think we have to congratulate Brisbane Transport on leading the charge with this new technology on our buses. We're even ahead of the European countries which I think is a wonderful achievement for us to be at. Thank you.

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