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2nd September 2014 - Speech in Council - Williams Park Featured

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Thank you, Madam Acting Chairman.

Yes, I do rise to speak on the Williams Park bikeway through Runcorn that was the item in last week's committee. It was wonderful to see something that I had been asking for and lobbying for for a couple of years to come to fruition. I know that the fact that we had two service groups working together, along with Field Services as well as Councillor Matic's Chair portfolio.

 Because not only did the bikeway pathway get put in, we also were doing some new shade structures, resizing the basketball court from a half court to a full court, putting in a new barbecue facility. The work hasn't finished, we're looking at relocating—or actually removing the playground and putting in a new playground, which is something that Councillor Bourke has put in this year's budget funding as well. So that's three portfolios working together in one park.

I've had nothing but positive feedback from all the residents. We did do a huge community consultation out there, probably eight months ago, and we would have had at least 60 residents, not just adults but children as well coming along, all having their say about what they wanted to see in that park. Obviously the bikeway footpath was one of the major requests. I'm so pleased to see that this has come to fruition.

The park is not finished, we'll be looking at doing some more next financial year as well, along with the parks and footpath trust fund that we all get allocated . so it's an ongoing three-year process and—but the residents are very happy and I want to commend all the chairs that were involved; Councillor Matic, Councillor Bourke and Councillor McLachlan and the Council officers on such a wonderful project and their delivery of it.

Thank you.

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