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18th November 2014 - Speech In Council - G20 Global Cafe Featured

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Thank you, Madam Chair. I rise to speak on the G20 in Brisbane on the weekend and in particular the G20 Global Café. My husband and I took the opportunity to come into the city on Saturday. Yes, it was hot; in fact it was very hot. We walked around the whole city, up one side of the [River Bridge] and down the other and over to South Bank and everywhere around that. I just wanted to get a feel for the atmosphere and what was going on, and of course I wanted to see a motorcade or two.

I was fortunate enough; I got to see four motorcades. I was very impressed with that. I didn't get to see Obama's one unfortunately but no matter how hard I tried but anyway, there you go. Maybe if he comes back again we'll try and see him next time. The atmosphere out there with the residents was awesome. It was a bit like the Expo '88 atmosphere when people had the long queues, people just talk to each other, complete strangers talking about who they wanted to see and what they were doing and everything like that, so it was really amazing.

I also took the opportunity on Sunday night when I spoke to the Commissioner Ian Stewart to congratulate him and his team on their work that they did. It was something actually that my husband noticed. He said I think they've been told that they have to be really nice to everybody and I think that was the strategy they used and it certainly worked. They were very, very helpful.

ainly unfortunately for some of the people from Victoria as tour guides and stuff and of course they didn't really know much about where they had to go, but they still managed to cope with all the residents as well. Of course there were the SES workers as well out there on the roads and everything like that so it was awesome.

The Global Café I did come into that on the Thursday afternoon. I have to say my one regret is that I didn't spend enough time in here for the Global Café. I only managed to get in for the very last session on the Thursday. There was a professor who was live streaming from Venice. He was talking about buildings and developments and everything like that. While I have to admit that's one of my least knowledgeable areas in my role as a councillor I did find it very inspiring and an amazing, interesting streamline.

I would have liked to maybe have it on YouTube thing or something. So maybe I might talk to Councillor SIMMONDS, yes, how I can download something like that. Ray Martin was the MC on that particular afternoon as well. Some of the ideas that these people had that came out of that café just blew me away. I know there was a lot of people there taking notes so I'm sure that we're going to see some of these ideas coming to fruition in our generation anyway. Thank you.

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