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25th November 2014 - Speech In Council - McDonalds Recycling Featured

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Thank you, Madam Acting Chair, I rise also to speak on this committee presentation, McDonald's recycling trial. I think trial being the operative word here in this particular thing. Now there was someone who made this statement. I'm sure some other people in the Council will know who it was because I don't but it basically says all great journeys start with one small step. I think that's exactly what's happened here. Councillor McLACHLAN as a local councillor and chair of waste management services saw an opportunity and ceased it. I think that's what we should all do as local councillors and particularly as chairs in the portfolios.

You see something that has to do with waste management, you see an opportunity and you take that opportunity and think how can I make this work better for the ratepayers of Brisbane? McDonald's were always the people who when you were asked what was the most rubbish seen when you were picking up on Clean-Up Australia Day it was always McDonald's. Now I don't know whether that was because they were just new; I remember when I was growing up there wasn't certainly any McDonald's where I came from but they certainly are prevalent now all over the place.

As has been mentioned they are a multinational company but they do work from a template. Everything they do is done on a template. You cannot make anybody with a sledgehammer do something they don't want to do. The best way to deal with these people and these kinds of situations is the gently, gently approach. Go and talk to them and say to them listen, this is an issue that we have discovered. Are you interesting in being involved in a trial where we can see if we can increase your recycling capacity.

Quite clearly the report stated, as Councillor McLACHLAN said, it was increased by 17.5 per cent. Now I don't know about you but in anybody's standards I think that's quite a reasonable amount of recycling saved. So you start with one store, they were keen, they embraced it, they took it on. They will go back to their headquarters, who will then go back to their headquarters and then you know what, before know we know it, when our children are grown up and of our age, it will be just a standard way of doing things. You used to smoke on planes; you don't smoke on planes anymore. You used to buy Coca Cola in schools, you can't buy that anymore.

It will just be the way that things are but it all starts with that one first step. I congratulate Councillor McLACHLAN on this initiative. Thank you.

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