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25th November 2014 - Speech In Council - Renaming Celica St Park Featured

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Thank you, Madam Acting Chair. Yes, I rise to speak on Item C which is a park naming. So it's the formal naming of Celica Street Park in Runcorn to be named as Lindsay Evans Memorial Park. All councillors in this chamber would know that parks by default are named by the streets that they're located on or next to. I have more than 86 parks in my ward and most of them are named by default by their street name. So since I've been elected I've been having a fairly heavy campaign to try and get some of these parks named after local residents.

Not an easy feat by any means, particularly as it's a fairly new ward and there's not a lot of people around who have that old history. The ones that do have that history are the ones that already have got parks named after them. So I was lucky enough to get two responses to my latest request. It was both actually to do with exactly the same park which was a bit of a quandary because one wanted one name and then the other person wanted the other name.

But after doing some investigating, the person who wanted a particular name, I actually ended up—he didn't know who the owner of the original land was. He just knew it was a nursery in that area that grew roses. He didn't know the people's names. As luck would have it, I was at a Lions dinner meeting, sat next to a gentleman by the name of Mr Joe Sester. I got talking to him because he was old and obviously knew some of the history. It turns out that he was the original owner of that piece of parkland which was the nursery of roses and there was actually already a park named after his wife in the ward so that was all good.

So then I had this other gentleman by the name of Mr Genders who was very keen to have this particular park named after a local resident by the name of Lindsay Evans. I met with the wife and the daughters for one afternoon. We sat and had a cup of tea and a chat and everything. As you can imagine there were quite a few tears at the meeting from the family. They were so excited that the possibility of this park being named after their beloved husband and father. They actually even gave me a copy of the eulogy from his recent funeral. I didn't know the man personally myself but he was obviously a well-known and well-loved community member.

So this is my first official park naming so I'm very excited that it's finally come to chambers and that we can vote on it today. I certainly look forward to going back out to my residents, telling them that yes, it's all been approved and that the petitions from the local residents was worthwhile and that it's all been approved after we vote on it today. I'm very happy with that process. Thank you.


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