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24th February 2015 - Speech In Council - Gowan Road and Stretton College Featured

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Thank you, Madam Chairman; yes, I also rise to speak on item A, the Committee presentation about the arterial road improvement program. Echoing on Councillor McKENZIE as to the objectives of the arterial road improvement program, it is to improve network performance, and I have to say that having four of these projects in the Karawatha Ward, they certainly do meet those performance objectives.

The one project that has been completed already which was in the 2014-15 budget was the right turning lane from Gowan Road at the Stretton College. Stretton College is a split campus in my ward, with junior and senior campus on either side of Gowan Road. The projected student numbers by next year are over 2000, 2050 to be exact, so there's a large number of students there, and obviously with students come parents and care givers who, nine times out of 10, want to drive their children to school.

This particular section of road has a through-traffic as people want to drop off to the junior campus; you've also got residents coming in through from Drewvale and Logan who want to continue straight through up Gowan Road heading towards the city. The issue with that, of course, is that there was a right turning pocket into the Stretton junior campus which could only hold about five or six cars, and then that was blocking up the through traffic.

So this project was undertaken. There was no widening of the road in any way, shape or form. It was very little problem for the drivers. It was undertaken during the school holidays. Basically they took the median strip and they halved it and turned it into the right pocket lane which then could hold 15 to 18 vehicles turning right, and as a result of that, the through traffic now doesn’t get banked up.

Obviously most of the traffic congestion happens around school drop-off and pick-up, as does every single school in this whole city, so this was a massive improvement to the road network, and the college and the students and the residents in that area are very grateful for that project.

Another one was the existing turn left on Gowan Road at Beenleigh Road. Once again there was no road or house frontages removed in any way, shape or form. It was a matter of redirecting some lanes and repainting and organising traffic so that once again traffic could freely turn left onto Beenleigh Road. They weren’t banked up behind the ones wanting to turn right at the lights there.

There is an upcoming project listed here, Compton and Persse Road. Well, I am pleased to say that officers are out there as we speak. They actually started two days ago on this particular one. This is another project whereby people wanting to turn left onto Persse Road to get on to the freeway into the city are able to do that without being backed up by the traffic sitting at a standstill at the lights wanting to go straight ahead.

So these sort of projects that Councillor SCHRINNER and his team of officers have identified to take place in the ward are awesome projects. They are out there at the moment also identifying a few others, I am sure, around the city, where you get a maximum value for your dollars, and maximum benefit for the residents, with very little inconvenience for locals using the roads. I commend this report to the Chamber.

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