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17th February 2015 - Speech In Council - CoderDoJo Featured

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Thank you, Madam Chairman. Yes I also rise to speak on item A, the committee presentation on CoderDojo.

I often times come into this city at a reasonable early hour and sometimes depending on traffic I'm able to sit in other committees prior to my own starting and I was lucky enough to be there for this presentation and I was certainly very pleased to hear that Sunnybank Hills Library in my ward is hosting this fantastic project every term this year. I do note that, as Councillor ADAMS mentioned, Term 1 has already been booked out, so I look forward to welcoming a whole lot of people into my library in my ward. The digital hub at that library is certainly well utilised and lends itself to implement such great initiatives like the CoderDojo.

It's been mentioned previously here that this was something that was an Irishman discovered back in 2011 and it's come from that. It stirred a memory for me when I was in high school more years ago than I care to admit here of the principal at the time at the school that I went to was a mathematical genius, and he talked then about teaching students at the time like myself coding for writing programs for computers. I'm talking about in the stage where we learnt to type on manual typewriters.

I actually attended this class and I have to say I walked out of there thinking he was talking a complete other language. Obviously at the time he was and it was completely over my head. So for me to hear about seven year olds going to our libraries nowadays and learning about codings of computers just blows my mind.

I suppose I'm showing my age, but I just think it's just another great example of the LORD MAYOR and this administration and Councillor ADAMS recognising an opportunity that exists out there and implementing it for our residents. Thank you very much.

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