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19th May 2015 - Speech In Council - Karawatha Ward Activities Featured

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Thank you, Madam Chair. Yes I rise to speak on three different items in general business—Karawatha Family Fun Day, the Sunnybank RSL Anzac 100 celebration and the Compton Road Persse Road CRU project.

So the Karawatha Family Fun Day was held on Sunday, 3 May after our big rain event on Friday, 1 May, but the park held up well under all the rain and Sunday, as we all know, came bright and clear and a beautiful sunny day, so it was an awesome day.

I'm pleased to say that the Kuraby Lions is the community group within my ward that supports me and the Karawatha Family Fun Day by holding a stall there with their sausages and drinks and they were able to make $1000 towards their own community events as a result.

Everything else on the day is free, and the residents certainly enjoyed it. This year I had it at Sunnybank Hills. One of my election commitments was not only to hold a fun day of some sort in the ward because there hasn't been up until then any sort of public event in the Karawatha Ward, but also to take it to the residents by taking it to a different suburb every year.

The Sunnybank RSL Anzac they had their one-hundredth anniversary and I know it's a few days after—well a few weeks now after the Anzac, but we're still continuing to talk about the one-hundredth anniversary purely because it was such a big event. I know that the Sunnybank RSL expected to have about 500 people to their dawn service. They actually had 2000 chairs out in preparation for their earlier morning service and most of those chairs were filled, so they went well beyond their expectations for that dawn service.

There were a couple of little hiccups during the service which was at the time probably not very funny for Des—I think he was a bit mortified—but it was quite funny for us. As you all know, we have to hold that one minute of silence and he said in his speech we were going to hold 100 minutes of silence as opposed to 100 seconds. So everyone looked at each other and thought well that's going to be—we're standing for a long time for 100 minutes. But anyway so that was fine.

Then in the second service we hold and we do the handing over the poppy and the flag, and poor Des he had worked so hard for almost a year now on planning this particular presentation event. He actually left the poppies and the flags at home so he was mortified, but anyway that's okay, we all got through it okay.

The third and final item I want to talk about is the Compton Road Persse Road CRU project. This is one of those projects that Councillor SCHRINNER and his team of engineers have identified as an extension to the left turning lane.

Now I saw the original drawing of this and I was very interested in it because it's a road that obviously I travel myself when I come into the city every week. I know that you do sit in that left-hand lane and it only lets two cars through because everyone wanting to go through blocks up the roadway. It's just the way it is.

So when the project was first brought up to turn left I thought this is an awesome idea because there's certainly plenty of land on the left-hand side of the road which, as it turns out, is Council owned. So there was no resumption of land required in any way, shape or form, but of course, as luck would have it, in the Karawatha Ward there was a huge electricity box and there was also a light pole sitting right on that left corner.

So I thought well okay they're going to be removing the light box and the electricity box which is why it was—the money that it was going to cost. So that was fine, I signed off on all that, came back and they starting working on it and they weren't touching the left-hand side, they were on the right-hand side. I couldn't work out what they were doing.

I have to admit—and I did make an apology to the LORD MAYOR afterwards on behalf of my husband because he actually has quite a lot of common sense and he said to me, I don't know what they're doing but this is not going to work. Aren't they supposed to be going on the left, and I said, well I don't know, they're the engineers, they're the experts, I'm going to leave it up to them.

Anyway right up until the five minutes beforehand when he came home one morning he said, they've removed the orange cones, they've finished the painting of the lines, and he said, you know what, it works awesome.

So I went into to see the DEPUTY MAYOR the next day and I said, I need to apologise to you on behalf of my husband because between the both of us we didn't think it was going to work. It does, and not only does it work really well, it actually came in obviously under-budget because it meant that we didn't have to move the traffic—the light.

Well that's the thing, there was a cart but the cart was to the grass verge on the right-hand side of the road as opposed to cutting the dollars. So, yes, as a result of that saving I know that some of us—there are extra road servicing projects.

So I just want to say thank you for the team, for the engineers, they do know what they're talking about, as opposed to myself who thinks they don't sometimes. So I'm very pleased and I can say I travel that road every day I come to the city and it just is awesome and I thank the DEPUTY MAYOR very much. Thank you.

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