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24th June 2015 - Speech in Budget - Clean, Green and Watersmart City Featured

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Thank you, Madam Chair. Yes, and I rise to speak on program 1, Clean Green and Water Smart City. I actually today have in front of me the—Kim Marx Team Quirk Karawatha Ward promises, election promises for the 2012 election. It states quite clearly, deliver the Karawatha Environment Centre at Karawatha Park. So I’ve been here since 2012, so that's when my clock started on this and my reckoning we have eight months and 25 days left of this term to deliver that promise. So my invitation to everyone here in the place, and I know that most of the other Councillors on the other side will not actually be here by the time 2016 rolls around, so you have an open invitation in your retirement years, in your retirement years, which you’re leaving here on your own accord in your retirement years, come down to the Karawatha Ward, come to the discovery centre and I will make you a coffee and show you around. I'm—yes. Instant coffee. Yes. I’m just an instant kind of girl.

So the point I’m making is that this is a centre that construction is underway and my residents out there are more than happy with the Administration and the work we're doing here at this place. It's also quite interesting that of all the debate that's happened here this morning from the other side, 90 per cent of it has been about the Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre, so I’m pleased now that my ward has got such great recognition out there, because everyone loves talking about it. I'm very happy about that, because I know when I became the Councillor, it was a little known ward.

It was very rarely spoke about. The Council call centre didn’t even know where it was, so now everyone is talking about Karawatha and I think that that's a good thing. Moving on to rubbish, annual kerbside collection. Councillor McLACHAN mentioned that it's a little talked about subject as far as rubbish goes and he is right, but—and he says, out of sight, out of mind, but I can rest assured, Councillor McLACHAN that if we're not doing it, the residents let us know. So it's one of those things that when it's not there, you don’t notice it. We're certainly delivering on that and my residents are extremely happy.

I also want to go to page 145 of the budget book, which talks about the Conservation Reserves Management Program. Quite clearly it shows there's almost $500,000 just delivering in the Karawatha Ward along in the forest area on conservation reserves management. Now, my last looking at the map, Karawatha is on the south side, as is the Parkinson Ward is on the south side. So to say that the south side is getting nothing, I think, is a furphy.

I think the budget book speaks for itself and I want to commend the chair's and the Council's officers on the all the work that they do, not only in our wards, but the city as a whole. I think this budget is a great example of how the LORD MAYOR is delivering for our city. Thank you.

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