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18th August 2015 - Speech in Council - Australian Local Government Women's Association Featured

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I want to rise to speak on my attending the ALGWA Conference, so the ALGWA, which is the Australian Local Government Women's Association, was held in Gayndah on 22 to 24 July and I was there on the Thursday and the Friday. It was an awesome conference. Unfortunately it wasn't a lot of people attending because there was another one a couple of weekends later in Warwick which seemed to be where most of the ladies were going to. But it was still a very good conference nevertheless anyway.

So the Thursday was kind of a bit of casual day where everyone got on buses and went around to local orchards and got lots of free fruit and things like that. Then they had lunch provided for them and afternoon tea. Then there was a bush dinner held that evening at the Gayndah Show Hall where you were able to meet and greet the 2015 Orange Festival Queen.

So Friday we actually got down to business and there was sort of a networking breakfast and then there was a lot of presentations by various people. One of the presentations, Madam Chair, was Mark Pitt, the CEO of the NBRC. He talked about the social media and natural disasters and the natural fit that was happening because as you know in that area they've had a lot of flooding in the last couple of years and they had decided that the way to sort of recapture their people was through social media and he sort of had a lot of graphs and ideas about how that was working really, really well with his community.

Just before lunch, I was there for the presentation on behalf of Brisbane City Council because you may not be aware, Madam Chair, but next year Brisbane City Council are going to be the hosts of the ALGWA convention. So I'm planning to meet with the new president of the ALGWA and we'll have a chat and discussion about what we can do to try and match our country cousins with the hospitality and the amazing way that they looked after us while we were there. I'm not sure about a bush dinner but I'm sure we can do something here in City Hall. We'll have to have a big think.

Obviously they had big show bags for us all which were absolutely filled to the brim with all sorts of things, including a country cowboy hat which I did think I was going to bring to Chambers but I chose not to in the end.

The final evening was finished off that afternoon which had Bob Abbott who gave us all some handy tips and hints for campaigning for 2016, which was quite interesting to listen to. Then, of course, the conference then ended with the AGM, the annual general meeting, and the appointment of the new president and of course then afterwards, if you wanted to stay on, you could have a social gathering and dinner but I sort of headed back to have a night with my family.

So I just want to say thank you on behalf of the Brisbane City Council for allowing me to go to this important conference. It's always wonderful to meet other likeminded Councillors and the difference but yet the same that we all have. I think the biggest difference, of course, that we here at Brisbane City Council have as opposed to our other fellow Councillors is the sheer number of people that we look after and obviously in that respect, the number of hours that we work as well, because this is obviously our primary job.

But it's always good to get lots of different feedback and one of the Councillors I was sitting next to who comes from Rocky was delighted to see that I actually took some work with me and I sat there and signed 1000 letters while I was sitting there listening to the speakers. She was very interested in what sort of letters I was writing out to my residents. So when I got back to the office, I was more than happy to send her a copy of those different letters that she could then use within her own ward and I think that's primarily what these sorts of events are about. So I just want to leave it at that. Thank you.

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