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18th August 2015 - Speech in Council - Directional Signage in Calamvale and Kuraby Featured

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Yes, thank you, Madam Chairman. I rise to speak on Item A to clearly outline exactly how much this administration is delivering and particularly with the Arterial Road program update. I've got up and spoken in the Chamber before a couple of times about different CRU projects. There's two more that I want to talk about today. One being the Gowan Road at Beenleigh Road intersection. This is a set of traffic lights that a lot of commuters have to stop at before they head onto Beenleigh Road before they want to head down to the railway line. Then oftentimes they're held up at the railway intersection because of the trains obviously. So by increasing the left turning lane on Gowan Road to Beenleigh Road, this allows a lot more through cars wanting to go left to travel through without being caught up with the cars wanting to go right.

The other initiative that's part of this program was a large directional signage that was installed on Calam Road. Calam Road is a really major road through my ward; it actually starts right through in Councillor HUANG's and continues through and it actually has three name changes along the way. So it's a two lane road on both sides so four lanes I would guess you'd say. It becomes multi-lane as it gets to the head of the intersection so you'll have a lane that needs to go left into Compton Road. You'll have a lane going straight ahead into the shops and then you'll also have lanes heading right which is Compton Road also but then ultimately leads to Beaudesert Road.

So this large directional signage is very handy for people who need to know exactly what lane they need to be in before they want to go wherever they want to go to. So look on that point I want to say, Madam Chair, that I need to thank the DEPUTY MAYOR and his officers in the CRU team for their initiative in reducing the time travelling and the road congestion, and that this Administration is working very hard on both of those things and continues to deliver as always. Thank you

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