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8th September 2015 - Speech in Council - Taiwanese Festival Sunnybank Hills Featured

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Thank you, Madam Chair, and I rise to speak on the Taiwan Festival that was held in my ward on 29 August. It's a festival that was started four years ago and has been annually ever since. It's been held in a few different wards around the place on the south side and like I said, 29 August it was Sunnybank Hills State School.

In particular, there were a lot of people who worked on the day, as you can imagine, a festival that starts at nine in the morning and goes until nine at the evening, finishing off with fireworks; it's a big day. But in particular, the two volunteers that I want to make special mention of are Paul and Arthur. They were there all day, they were there until midnight the night before and they were there until very late in the night of the 29th.

They had a big stage set up outside and there had got chefs from Glamourous Wok, a local restaurant there in Sunnybank, to come along and prepare a special Chinese banquet. They had all the kitchens set up, they had all the tables and chairs all set upside and then the rain came. So it was quite amazing to see how they all banded together and they basically moved the whole festival inside. So the kitchen all went in and all the tables and chairs and everything like that and then they had the stage inside the hall. So they continued as normal.

The fireworks I was a bit concerned, but they assured me they were waterproof, so they went ahead at nine o'clock, so that was very good and everyone was very happy. All the funds from the Taiwan Festival are going directly to Sunnybank Hills State School which is an excellent outcome. So I just want to say thank you to the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce. Thank you.

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