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3rd October 2015 - Speech in Council - Local Government Association of Queensland Featured

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Yes, thank you, Madam Chair. I also rise to speak very briefly on the LGAQ which I had the pleasure of attending actually just for the one day. I managed to leave Brisbane very late Tuesday afternoon after my work commitments to get there in time for the Wednesday session of all the motions and debate that were happening.

Over the course of the conference there was more than 100 motions were put forward. Some were debated quite fiery obviously especially when it comes to those furry creatures, as one of the mayors wanted to describe as our flying foxes. Other motions went straight through without too much debate at all with lots of agreement on both sides.

I do want to say congratulations to Councillor de WIT for her being the president of the Association for the time that she was there, and I'm pretty sure that they're a bit nervous about who's going to fill her shoes because I know she's done a fabulous job, especially attending all of those local and regional councils across Queensland.

Councillor BOURKE got up and spoke on every motion that we were actually opposing as far as the debate went, and it's difficult because we, as one of the largest councils in Queensland—the smaller councils tend to think that we will overtake and do whatever we want to do, but when you listen to the argument that Councillor BOURKE was putting forward it actually made a lot of sense, and then everybody realised that that was the way it was going to be and they all voted with us so I think that was very good.

It was only about four or five motions but it was a really good debate and everything like that. So I always thank the Chamber and the Council for allowing me to attend the conference. This is my fourth one I've been to and you certainly learn an awful lot. It's great to see some of what is discussed there coming through into the Chambers one or even two years later down the track. I know that you were there at the time when it was discussed so thank you very much.

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