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8th December 2015 - Speech in Council - Thank you to Council Staff for 2015 Featured

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Thank you, Madam Chair. Okay, I am going to speak on this motion and just say, on behalf of the south side Councillors how grateful we are to every single one of the staff that work for Brisbane City Council. We have many, many people, and I know that I will get into trouble if I start naming names, because I am sure as hell—sorry, sure as eggs going to miss somebody.

But I will mention one Council officers that has been mentioned here already, and I am pretty sure he’d be quite happy not to get the kiss of death from you, Councillor, and that is Adrian Patterson. He has taken on the role of leadership out there on the south side. He is doing a good job, and he’s got lots of his ex-colleagues working with him now underneath him, and it is working really well. He has had that experience, particularly in the parks area, which is one of the busiest portfolios.

I do want to say a special shout out to one Council officer, though; I know he is probably not listening today, and I am hopeful his colleagues will send across our wishes to him, and that is Bob. Those on the south side will know who I am referring to. He is having a tough time at the moment, but we are going to wish him well, and I am pretty sure that Councillors GRIFFITHS and JOHNSTON and Councillor DICK will echo my words to that effect as well, because he is an awesome Council officer, and we want to see him back up on his feet doing his job, because he is a great guy.

Heidi and Laurel, they are my two staff who have been with me since day one. They are awesome girls. Everybody loves them. Sometimes they’re the pseudo Councillors, because as has been mentioned, we are out there really busy in the ward with residents, and they are the face for us in the ward office. They do a fabulous job, and I know they get lots of praise and letters from the community and residents as well. So I am pretty sure they are appreciated by everyone else.

On that note, I want to say thank you to everyone, as I said, from the CEO all the way down to the guys who we pull on to fill the potholes and trim the trees and everything else that they do for us. Obviously the Contact Centre where all the jobs get funnelled through, of course, under the leadership of Councillor ADAMS. They do a fabulous job, and I know it is a world class Contact Centre, and we are known for that. I know that a lot of other Council wards are very jealous of us and our facility for having that and our officers. So I just thank you all and have a safe and happy Christmas, and we will hopefully see everyone back here in the New Year. Thank you.

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