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Yes, thank you, Madam Chair. I rise to speak on the LGAQ convention. Five different events that I attended on the weekend, and just very briefly, Namiq Sharma who was a resident. So the LGAQ convention that I attended as a delegate with Councillor BURKE and with Councillor CASSIDY recently, I actually wasn't able to enjoy all of it because I was sick. I'd arrived back from China on the Sunday, was down there on the coast for the convention and between things that were happening, I was running back to the hotel room and trying to have a rest and get better again.  We did just pretty much all the motions on the Thursday, which there was more than 80 of them. They went very quickly, without too much drama, which was good to see. The theme of the motions basically was that unless there was any debate then it was just going to go straight through. Which made life very easy for everyone. So that was really good to see. One thing that Councillor CASSIDY, if you were speaking to any of the other Councillors there, you'll notice there's always a big difference between us as a Brisbane City Council and all the other Councillors who come from country or small councils.  As you mentioned, the voting system, Councillor BOURKE and I were responsible for seven votes each, which does have some level of responsibility. Of course, we also had to use those votes when we were voting for the president. I want to echo Councillor BOURKE's and Councillor CASSIDY's congratulations on Mayor Jamieson on his appointment. He was very open and honest about how even though he'd be busy as a major of the Sunshine Coast, he had spoken to his staff and his team and they were all behind him on that. So that was good to hear.

 Karawatha Forest Protection society had their 25th anniversary on the Saturday. They very kindly invited me along to attend, which was lovely of them. I have been a part of them for only the five years I was a Councillor. So it was lovely to catch up with some old friends—and foes I might add there. We've always had some robust conversations between myself and some of them, but it was all very amicable at the end. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for the cake cutting. But that's okay, they did all that and I went onto the next event which was here at City Hall, which was the FashionAble fundraiser that Multicap do annually. They had the famous Georgia from Townsville coming down and voting, and she obviously stole the show.  She was just a delight to watch and see how she got involved and everything like that, was fabulous.

Then went onto the annual concert for the Queensland Chinese Orchestra Association, it was out at the Taiwan Centre. They do things, lots of musical, and it was quite interesting to actually be able to see finally, for the first time, and understand the music and the instruments that I had just seen the previous week actually in China. So it was quite nice. Now I can finally, after all these years, know when people are talking about places and stuff, I can visualise it for myself and know what they're talking about. So it was very good.

That evening was the Eid fest, annual gala dinner, which this year was held at Gambaro's. Yasmin Khan who's the new President of the ECCQ, holds that as an annual event to fundraise for Eid fest. They do tremendous work for their community. You'll know that they were out there in the Moorooka Ward in the Acacia Ridge Hall there and they help many, many people in the community.  The following morning, the Sunday, was the official opening ceremony for Wisdom College. Now while that's not in my ward, I have been there a couple of times over the last five years. Was there in 2012 when they had the first opening, Campbell Newman was the newly-elected Premier at the time. They had just a few little relocatebale buildings. Going back there on Sunday and seeing what they've achieved in just such a short time was magnificent. They certainly have plans to continue on with stage 3 and 4.

That evening was the third annual China Australia Industry Film Awards. Councillor HUANG and myself were both there for that event. It ran late, unfortunately, it was a very, very late night. But I have to say, I was very pleased I did end up going because I met Lincoln Lewis. So I was very excited. Last year was Michael Clayton and I was happy to sit next to him. But I was more than delighted to sit with Lincoln Lewis on Sunday night.

I know, there you go. I didn't FaceTime my children but I should have, but anyway.  The last thing, briefly, is that I know we've had a lot of discussion in the condolence motions about Namiq Sharma, he was a resident of Sunnybank Hills and I had a phone call from our local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator because that Neighbourhood Watch in that area is extremely big and very active. She had been down there to speak to and to see what we could do to help his housemates. Because obviously his housemates are still living in that house and they're still dealing with their loss. So my suggestion is, with all of these kinds of tragedies, generally there's not so much support a week or two down the track. So I've suggested that we perhaps make some contact in a couple of weeks' time and go along and see them and make sure that they're travelling okay with everything that's happened.  That's it for me. Thank you very much.  

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