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Yes, thank you, Madam Chair,. I also rise to speak on the Public and Active Transport Committee report. Which is, according to my notes, the 10 Point Plan for public transport. So I'm guessing the fact that people are saying we don't have a plan is perhaps incorrect. Because this certainly is one laid out here in this committee report. The tenth one does say, developing a clear Park ‘n’ Ride strategy to encourage mode shift from private motor vehicles to public transport. So I have to say, the DEPUTY MAYOR is absolutely trying to come up with some solutions for this ever-growing problem.

Blaming or saying that it's—what is Council going to do about it? Well my question is, at what point is the State Government going to step up and do the job that they're paid to do?

I feel like I'm pretty sure I've said this once before about another State issue. When you become Councillor, one of the first things you have to learn is, what are the Council issues? What are the State Government issues? What are the Federal? We then spend the rest of our time educating our residents, the public, on what those issues are and who they belong to. Yes, we do deal with the fallout of the parking and stuff around train stations. Yes, we do, as Councillor WINES mentioned, we do it with yellow lines, we talk about parking permits, we do No Parking, we try and do as much strategy as we can. We do do that as a Council, but ultimately Park ‘n’ Rides are a State Government issue and they need to address it.

There is space at pretty much every single train station if you just go up above. I, unfortunately, inherited six train stations and train lines in the redistribution. So not quite as many as Councillor WINES but certainly more than enough to keep my days and staff very busy with issues around parking. Of those six train line stations, they all have Park ‘n’ Ride, so that's a good thing. They vary from 103 spaces to 232 spaces. Which again is a good thing. So those are not too much of an issue but there is still problems parking around.

My biggest problem is that there is a perfectly good Park ‘n’ Ride at the Coopers Plains Train Station which was taking 144 cars. Unfortunately, whoever in the State Government at that time decided, the Minister, that they were going to move a train line, as in stop it going from the Coopers Plains, it was going to become express and stop only at Altandi. So they've basically moved a whole issue where people could have got off at Coopers Plains and used that Park ‘n’ Ride, they're now parking Alconah Street. So we know have got this issue where we're trying to organise and deal with people who are parking in a street that could have actually been using a pre-existing Park ‘n’ Ride.

So there's various aspects and issues around train stations, Park ‘n’ Rides. As Councillor SCHRINNER has mentioned in his report, or his committee thing, there's not one size fits all. So it really is a matter of sitting down with the State Government, who need to put their hand up and say, yes, we own this issue and yes, we're prepared to work with you, and yes, we realise this is a problem and we need to get onto it and get the job sorted and found out what we can do for all of our residents.

Just as a sidenote, through you, Madam Chair, to Councillor SUTTON, her Hawthorne Malcolm Street has 17 car parking spaces. I got that from the report as well. Thank you.

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